Sunday, April 1, 2012

Homemade Easter Decoration

I am not a super crafty person, though I wish I was.  So, I feel like I should show off the one thing that I have made.  Since I don't have a crafting blog, this post gets to go on my food blog.  Sorry foodies, It's craft time!  

My friend, Annie, found the cutest Easter decoration on Pinterest.  The only problem was that there were no directions on how to make it!  Just a really cute picture of a finished product.  So we figured out how to make it on our own (when I say we, I mean Annie).  

Here is what we made:

Here is what you need to make it (please excuse my crafting terminology. I don't know what most of this stuff is called in the crafting world):

Ingredients (hehe):

Small pots
Foam balls (whatever size you want, but we did smaller ones.  I think they were 2 1/2 to 3 inches)
pink paint
white paint
paint brush
wooden sticks, probably 12 inches tall
the green foam stuff to put the stick in
pastel colored jelly beans (one bag will cover two balls)
a small piece of ribbon

And here are the directions on how to make them:

1.  Paint the sticks white.  Paint the balls pink.

2.  Put the green foam into the pots.

3.  Put the sticks into the foam  (that is my friend with the brains behind the project).

4. Paint the pots.

5.  Put the balls on the sticks.

6. Now take the ball off of the stick, so that it's easier to handle. Glue the jelly beans to the ball with a hot glue gun.


Now that I've written out the directions, it seems pretty self explanatory.  Maybe that is why there were no directions on the original picture that we found.  Well anyhow, It's hard for me to see something and then just make it happen without some guidance.  Hope this helps someone who thinks like me (and if so, you have my sympathy).

Happy Easter!


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  1. Those are so cute Jesse! I love you framed Easter subway art too!