Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bake 52 Week 17: Baklava

This week we made Baklava!  It was a bit time consuming and challenging, but so worth it!  It tastes amazing!  I ended up needing more butter than the recipe called for.  I also took it out of the oven 20 minutes early.  It was looking done to me.  The baklava had only been out of the oven for two hours when the picture was taken, and you can see in the second photo that it is a little runny.  Hopefully it will set up better after sitting for 8 more hours, like it's supposed to.  The Baklava was definitely a hit!  Here's the link to the recipe.




  1. that last photo made my mouth water! It looks so goooood!

  2. Great pictures. Looks lovely! Good job.

  3. I ran out of butter, too! I wondered if I'd been a butter hog in the beginning. So yummy!

    1. I also ran our of butter-after the second layer! I should have been more careful I suppose. Your treats look fab-more gooey than mine (I did spill the syrup all over, I guess that could be the prob...)

  4. I can vouch that this was absolutely amazingly yummy!