Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bake 52 Week 4: Light New York Cheese Cake

Well, I skipped week 3 because my son was sick and it consumed most of my time, but I'm back for week 4!  This week's challenge was Light New York Cheese Cake, or another words, healthy cheesecake (if there is such thing).  Really, this is a unique recipe for a cheesecake because there is cottage cheese and greek yogurt in it!  Pretty impressive. I had never made cheese cake before, but I was surprised with how easy it was!  However, maybe it was so easy because I decided to use a store bought Oreo cookie crust.  I also did a marbled version of the cheesecake.  It was great!  Here's the recipe:   The girl hosting also added some helpful tips that I would definitely recommend doing.

Next week I'm hosting!  We'll be trying 7 layer bars.  Can't wait!



  1. oooh, I bet the oreo crust was soooo good! Glad I wasn't the only one to do the chocolate swirl. :)

  2. Mmm... your cheesecake looks great! Can't wait to try the 7 layer cookie bars next week.

  3. Oreo crust, genius!! :) Excited for next week!