Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gettin Dirty in the Kitchen

  One Sunday afternoon, my sister (Rachel) decided to take some fun, silly photo's of herself in her kitchen.  Here's her pics from that:  Cute huh! From there, she decided to make a contest out of it.  As soon as I saw her post, I was dying over how creative and adorable she was.  I immediately knew that I wanted to take her challenge, and be a participant in her contest.  I started to come up with ideas as I was trying to fall asleep that night.  I spent an entire sleepless night thinking of funny things that I could do.  Every time I thought of something new, I would just lay awake laughing to myself.  In the end, I decided that I wanted my photo shoot to be entitled, Gettin Dirty in the Kitchen, and that is exactly what I did. You won't believe some of the crazy and silly things that I did.  It was all in the name of love!  Rachel had several participants, and she posted each of their pictures.  Don't forget to read the captions, they are pretty funny.   Here's the link to her blog post contest of the kitchen self portraits: 

It's a really cute blog that has lots of fun things from crafting to cooking to photography and more.   

I also posted some of my kitchen pictures.  After 140 photos, a whole afternoon, and a lot of laughing, I present to you my kitchen photo shoot.

Gettin Dirty in the Kitchen
Told you I was gettin dirty!
Egg vs. me...who will win?
Here we go!

I'm thinking the egg won.

 Notice the shirt change?  Yeah, my husband told me that my armpits were really embarrassing!!! I actually had to crack FOUR eggs on my head to get the right shot!  It was really funny in the moment.

The next segment is me against the flour.  I've always wanted to do this... I'm glad I finally got the opportunity.

What a mess!  It took me forever to clean the egg and flour out of my hair!  That wraps up the Gettin Dirty in the Kitchen photo shoot.  I knew that I wanted to include my 3 month old son (Woodson) in some of the pictures, so here's a few more kitchen shots:

Slow roasted in the oven for 9 months!

Levi and I were laughing hysterically while taking these pictures in the oven.  The look on Woodson's face was priceless.  No worries, the oven was obviously OFF.

Two of my favorite things combined in one picture...My son, and my cookbooks!  

Enjoy, and feel free to laugh at me.  It won't hurt my feelings.




  1. words cannot even express how hilarious you are for putting your son on a cooking sheet. that is one of my favorite pictures I have ever seen in my life. i laughed for nearly 20 minutes after seeing that. oh that will be such a treasure when he grows up. so awesome!!!

  2. Heather Peel3/30/2011

    Ditto to all of Rachel's comments. Is it weird that I want to take a bite right out of Woods' thigh? He is delicious to me. The cookbook are going to win something for this. Send it to every cooking magazine around!

  3. Anonymous4/10/2011

    Grandma Jeanne said that was so dang (think swear word)
    funny I laughed myself into an asthma attack. You the best, Jesse!